Canine Supplies

Dog care supplies do not only mean basic food and shelter but a lot more than that. These days canine supplies include everything that helps keep your dog happy and healthy.

Canine care supplies are categorized as pampering, functional and basic. Basic canine requirements include kennels, grooming supplies, food, dog beds, and collars. The functional canine supplies include fences, doors, and gates. They also include aromatherapy massage oils and toys which are pampering supplies

One the most significant thing that you will have to do for your dog is to maintain a regular and appropriate dog training routine. Apart from caring for your dogs’ cleanliness you will also have to take proper care for its health. This is what proper training calls for.

Bestowing love on your dog does not mean that you will have to overload your house with canine supplies. This will not only decrease your bank balance but will also clutter your home. You will have to buy wisely and get only those things which your dog really needs. Here are some basic tips:

  • Bowls for food and water:
    This can be used for your pet for years so get the best ones. Plastic bowls may be cheap but cleaning becomes difficult with the passage of years and also it becomes discolored. It would be better if you could get stainless steel bowls. They will last longer and are easier to clean. Bowls made of stainless steel do not react with pet food chemicals. To make the bowls more personalized you can have your dog’s name engraved on it.
  • Grooming supplies:
    You have to buy nail clippers, good shampoo and a coat brush. These products when used properly and regularly they help to keep your adored canine spotless and huggable. You must also have some specific dog hygiene products for a dog’s ears, eyes and teeth. You will be glad to take them to public places without being embarrassed.
  • Traveling supplies:
    If you frequently travel with your dog then you will need special supplies such as well-aired, hard-sided kennels and harnesses. You may also need a bag to take your pets’ grooming supplies and its medicines. If you travel frequently by car then try to get an adjustable pet car seat which grows with your dog.
  • A few toys:
    You need to have some balls or some old socks which will keep your dog busy when you are attending to your important work. Active toys give exercise to your dog when it is having fun.
  • Dog Beds:
    Dog beds are also the most important basic supplies. Beds help to keep your dog’s bones and joints healthy.
  • Dog food:
    There are 3 types of dog food; moist, dry and semi-moist. The food for your dog must be nutritionally balanced irrespective of its form. Apart from this all dog food supplies must be stacked away correctly in a cool dry place. This will help the nutritional value to be intact.

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