Your cleaning company’s success is your top priority, and now, we’ve just made it easier to locate anything you need to ensure the continued success of your cleaning company. As your business grows and evolves, you’ll find that we are keeping pace and will consistently provide new product information, new trends in business structures, breaking news regarding the economic outlook and so much more. In our efforts to keep the information streamlined and current, you’ll notice we’ve categorized much of the site for ease of use.

  • Product Information
  • Recent Trends
  • Tax Options
  • Employee Benefits Offerings
  • Outside Economic Factors

We encourage feedback from company owners and invite you to participate in ongoing blogs and other communication vehicles.

Finally, free business resources for cleaning companies have come full circle. Whether you’re searching for a new floor buffer or are just wondering what current owners are saying about the latest models, you’re sure to find it here. Trends suggest a continued surge in cleaning company ownerships and we’re responding to these trends. We anticipate the largest community available anywhere on the web – and we want you to be a part of it. Your contribution will only enhance our site. No matter if you’re a large janitorial company specializing in large company cleaning contracts or if you’re a small business owner targeting homes and smaller businesses, there’s something to gain from our site.

If there are new franchises about to emerge, you’ll find the information here. If you’re seeking to grow your company by hiring trustworthy employees, check their references from former employers who are online seeking the same resources as you are, you can do that here as well. Swap horror stories or easier and more effective ways to clean windows – the choice is yours because the community is yours.

Recent statistics show a surge in small business owners, up nearly 9% in the past ten years. Clearly, working for our selves has become the new American dream. In fact, there are currently 4.6 million Americans who employed by small business with less than 100 employees. That trend is only expected to continue. As more people are losing faith in “big business” in America, a new faith is being borne of the small business owner.

New franchises are being developed every day, and those new developments will require even more small business owners seeking to own their own franchise, with complete support and backing of a national chain.

We are also compiling a large database of resources for obtaining small business loans, credit lines and expansion efforts in every region of the country. We invite you to scour our free business resources. Cleaning companies are our business and we’re here to help your business.

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