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Everyone dreams of owning their own business, and reaping the benefits and rewards that business ownership can bring. No boss hovering over your shoulder. No set hours by someone else. It can truly be a very rewarding and profitable lifestyle. But, before you consider a single business idea or invest one dollar of your money into getting started you may want to consider this: 95 percent of all start up businesses fail.

This is not meant to discourage you. Quite the contrary. There is a way to start your own business, without the risk and monetary losses that often come with a start up operation. Thousands of corporations are offering some of the best franchise opportunities in your area. When you franchise with a parent company, you do own your own business, you hire your employees, and you set the hours you want in many cases. However, you also get the knowledge and business plan of an already successful company. You also get to take advantage of a name brand, so customers will already know who you are and what you offer before they even step inside. If almost all start up business are doomed to fail, then comparatively, 95 percent of franchises succeed.

You can use the internet to find the best franchise opportunities for you. Sites like Franchise Gator and Franchise Exchange offer listings of business in various locations and industries. You can narrow your search even further by only searching for franchises in your price range, or a particular type of business within an industry.

While no one franchise is right for everyone, there are some ideas that are generally more profitable than others:

  • The internet franchise is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing and most successful arenas around. Companies like WSI, and others, offer online marketing solutions like web design and programming– and additionally a franchise opportunity for those looking to start their own business. For an overall investment of around fifty thousand dollars, you get ongoing support and the tools you need to grow your business and gain clients. Marketing consultants with these companies also have the added bonus of working from home, and setting their own hours.
  • Home care franchises, such as HomeWell, offer in home care for the ill or elderly. Services vary by company, but generally range from house maintenance, healthcare or in home nursing, and aiding clients with mobility issues like shopping or getting to the mailbox. Growth for this industry is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years with the baby boomers getting older and needing more assistance.
  • With more women in the work force than ever before, it only stands to reason that more women are also starting their own businesses. In fact, over half of all home based businesses are owned by women. With this in mind, there are several franchise opportunities that are targeting women entrepreneurs. Glove Lady, for example, provides a large pink van in which business owners deliver specialty safety products like gloves. There are also business that offer more “traditional” women’s services and products; such as cosmetics, cleaning supplies, and child care.

As with any business, when starting a franchise you should work hard, remain motivated, and work your way through setbacks. Keeping these things in mind, you will be well on your way to a becoming a profitable business owner.

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