Six Tips to Start a Business

Have you ever thought about starting your own small business? If you have you’re not alone. According to the Small Business Administration, more than half a million businesses were started in 2006. But, not every business becomes a success. In fact, many will fail within their first five years. Here are some tips to help you achieve your goals and rise to the top when you start your own business.

  1. Research your chosen industry. Find out what the annual income is for other businesses in the industry, how many employees they have, how long they have been in business, and how much start-up capital they needed.
  2. Come up with a way for your business to stand out from the other businesses in your industry. When you start your own business you need to stand out from your competition and give people a reason to do business with you over anyone else. Will your service be faster? Will your product be less expensive? Will you offer a special bonus that your competitors don’t offer? Make your business unique and people will want to do business with you.
  3. Give your business a descriptive name. Clever names are fine as long as they give people a sense of what you do or offer. For example, Morrie’s Restaurant is a poor choice for a business name. A better name would be Morrie’s Fine Italian Dining. Not only is it descriptive, but it gives people a sense of what to expect when they dine there.
  4. Decide how you will fund your business. Even if you are offering a service, you will need business cards and possibly letterhead and envelopes. You may need postage and special tools. If your business will provide a product, you’ll need funds for product research and development. Funds can come from your savings, your current job, or loans. Loans can be provided by banks, many of which are business friendly, or from friends and family. Tell your friends and family that you plan to start your own business and that you will take responsibility for paying them back. Set up a payment schedule just as you would through a bank so your friends and family will see that you are serious.
  5. Start slow. Don’t buy anything that isn’t absolutely necessary. Keep your business on a tight budget. When you start your own business it is easy to get excited and want to buy things such as a new computer or other office equipment or furniture. Stick to the bare necessities until your business can afford to buy the extra things.
  6. Make marketing and bringing in customers your top priority. Many businesses fail because they don’t market themselves up front. Learn all you can about marketing and find out where your customers are so you will know how to reach them.

When you start your own business, you’ll face many challenges, but you’ll also have many successes. Stay focused and you will achieve your goals.

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Sports Bar Business Plans

Opening a business takes a lot of research and a lot of careful planning. In order to ensure that a new sports bar is going to produce profit margins there are considerations to be made. Easy to follow guidelines are available over the internet and in book stores that will aid in the creation of sports bar business plans.

Below are some items that you will want to be covered within any business plan to ensure that there is a detailed strategy that any owner can follow. These areas of information are important to the success of the business and the preparation for growth within the future of the business. There are many plans available to help guide the structure of the company and prepare for obstacles. Below is a proven method that has lead many other businesses to running successfully.

Executive Summary – the executive summary will give the detailed information pertaining to the background of the sports bar and will outline the initial growth that is perceived based on the first year’s numbers. This section will also include the outline, mission, objectives, and keys to success.

Company Summary – this section will be used as maintenance to sports bar business plans as it will include the information pertaining to company ownership, locations, and history of the company’s past performance.

Market Analysis Summary – in this section, the information provided within the past performances and location summaries would be represented in pie charts and/or graphs to show growth in income and success.

Strategy and Implementation Summary – as the company grows, there will be need to plan for future events within the company. This strategy section will help to provide information on marketing and sales to include pricing, promotions, projected sales and how to overcome any milestones that may be crossed.

Management Summary – within the sports bar there will be managers. Some of these will come and go and this information will need to be kept up to date. Information that needs to be included are:
Organizational structure Management team Management team gaps Personnel plan Personnel
Financial Plan – the financial plan is the last section of sports bar business plans. This information is pertinent to the successful growth and development of the sports bar. Many pieces of information should be included in this section to ensure that all areas have a plan for development.
Key areas to cover include:

Important assumptions Key financial indicators Break even analysis Projected profit and loss Projected cash flow Projected balance sheet Business ratios

Though the information that is covered in a plan such as the one illustrated above can be overwhelming and time consuming, it will benefit the company and help to reduce the amount of mistakes made that could prove damaging. Through proper coverage of all areas of successful sports bar business plans, growth of the business will be at a higher rate and prove more profitable. Maintaining this information will also benefit the stability of the company and allow for an easier transition into larger industry management.

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Franchising Your Laundromat Business

The advent of new technologies and business strategies that accompanied globalization made it viable for businesses to thrive and expand. Business is no more a traditional process in which a company usually sells its products and is merely known in the country where its headquarters is stationed. Now, business is breaking the chains of locality and is becoming global. Firms now grow as gigantic as to be known and prominent worldwide. This remarkable growth and expansion is not associated merely with businesses that provide intricate or major goods and services such as airlines, telecommunication firms or vehicle manufacturers; rather, such remarkable expansion is viable and can be sustained by businesses that offer simple services such as Laundromats. Laundromats grew extremely popular and expanded to the extent that, now, Laundromats are becoming franchised.

Franchising refers to giving the name or brand of the corporation or the big firm to a dealer somewhere else, usually in another state or country, so that the dealer could promote and sell the firms goods or services there. Franchising offers an arbitrage benefit for both the franchisee and the franchiser. Franchising helps the franchiser (dealers) to expand much more and become more popular; thus increasing its profitability. The advent of this trend received great appeal from a lot of people or more specifically the franchisee (franchise buyer). Franchisees in a lot of regions proved to be very willing to raise adequate capital in order to start a Laundromat business under one reputable and eminent Laundromat firms name.

This great appeal towards Laundromat franchising is because Laundromats are very profitable businesses that almost all the people find very vital and useful. No matter what the economic or social situation in the place where the Laundromat is located, people remain bound by cleaning and washing their clothes. Moreover, a lot of people hail Laundromats as very vital services because they slash their expenditures on washing machine, maintenance, electricity, soap and water. Furthermore, Laundromats save a lot of space that the washing machine and the dryer could have taken up in the home. Laundromats also spare people all the hassle of having the clothes ironed and ready to be worn.

All of this fostered the appeal of a lot of people to acquire Laundromat Franchises.

However, one major and more public force was behind the great popularity, success and appeal towards Laundromat franchising is Laundromats’ positive impact on the environment. Laundromats save a lot of energy and water that could have been sucked up if each and every house had a washing machine to do its laundry. Hence, the greater number of Laundromats causes high quality, cost-effective ways to play a very good role in preserving the environment and supporting the go-green challenge of today.

Laundromat franchising is becoming very widespread now because more people tend to use advanced Laundromats that offer very quick and efficient laundry and ironing services. Moreover, dealers are becoming fully aware of the profitability of Laundromat Franchises. Statistics and research proved that the ROI or (return on investment) of Laundromats are as high as 30%.

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RV Cleaning Franchises

There are innumerable examples of businesses with a very simple concept but a new and powerful one that have crossed all parameters of success and established themselves in the market firmly. The RV cleaning business is one of them. It is one of the businesses that need time and effort to start and put together, but one when established has unbelievable monetary returns. If you take the word of the few soldiers waving the flag of this business, you will very willingly believe that this is a great opportunity for a small business for anyone with the right determination and knowledge.

Cleaning an RV can get you from anywhere around $30 to $ 150. Most RV cleaning services charge customers on the basis of the type of RV being cleaned. The charge for cleaning a Class-A Motorhome is very high, often over $100. If you are using equipments like a high-pressure machine to clean the vehicle with, you can do the job within an hour. That proves how much you can make through this business. The brighter side of the story for individuals looking at RV cleaning as a business option is that the RV renting business in the United States and Europe is enormous, while RV cleaning is a hugely unexplored market!

There are various services that can be offered by an RV cleaning franchise. Looking at them, you will know how you can expand and convert your RV cleaning business into a very profitable one within no time.

Services Offered by RV Cleaning Franchises:

Starting an RV cleaning franchise requires you to choose a location where you can make maximum profits within the first day of starting your business. Obviously, trailer parks are a very good location to start with. Just tell your cleaner to go to these parks and offer window cleaning for RVs. Window cleaning can get you from $15 to $30 an hour. You can also offer to clean lights and tires. When your franchise’s name is not so unknown anymore, which should take about a month of distributing fliers in RV parks and doing rounds offering services uncalled, you can extend the business to cleaning interiors, like carpets, toilets, vacuum cleaning beds and furniture, etc.

The cost for a thorough cleaning of the whole RV can be around $100, or around $30 an hour. Cleaning a regular sized RV will not take more than two hours. The running expenses, on the other hand, for you, will include $5-$10 per hour of labor. The equipment, advertising and traveling costs can be higher than other cleaning businesses, but you will get a higher return in RV cleaning, and the first two days of the job should pay you back for all the equipment you buy initially.

As with any other business, do your research, get the required knowledge and plan out your goals well in advance.

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How to Find a List of Franchising Businesses!

So you are considering starting your own business and you may be thinking about buying a franchise, but are not sure where to look. The easiest way is simply to type in “list of franchising businesses” in your search engine. The internet is full of great information and choices so that you can make an informed decision.

Be prepared however to be inundated by thousands and thousands of opportunities. The best way to find what you are looking for is to decide what type of work you like to do. Then look up the franchise by industry. For instance, if you are interested in starting a Fitness Business, you will want to search under Fitness Center franchises.
The list of franchise businesses is almost endless, as any business you can think of has some type of franchise opportunity. You are certain to find what you will like, and the best thing is that these franchises will give you complete training and support to make sure you are successful. Franchises have the highest rate of success of any new business in any industry.

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Women’s Business Grants

Television, magazine, and web ads keep promising that there is over 400 billion dollars available in grant money today. They promise that if you send them money they’ll tell you how to get a federal grant that you don’t have to repay. Women owned businesses are the fastest growing markets in today’s world. These ads target women wanting to start or expand their own business. They promise women business grants are easy to find and even easier to get.

The first part of their promise is true. Google women business grant and you will get 357,000 results. Few of them are actually helpful though. Most of the hits are for ad sites promising more of what you’ve been hearing. Remember the shocking statement in the add; that less than fifteen percent of people ever apply for these grants? That part is true too. But there are reasons for that. Many of these grants have eligibility criteria the average person can’t meet. Others are location specific grants. Meaning that if you live in Massachusetts and find a great women business grant for starting a home remodeling company, you may have to live in Alaska to qualify. Still, there are grants that you can apply for.

The Amber Grant offers women business owner’s small grants for everything from start up to expansion. The amounts are small, usually not more than a thousand dollars. But that small grant can help you buy a new computer for your business or pay for business cards and other advertising.

Most states and the Small Business Administration offer women business grants of varying amounts. It takes some research to find them. Your best bet is to go to your state’s web site and search under business assistance benefits. For instance, when you search the Commonwealth of Massachusetts official site for women business grants you are directed to their SOMWBA site (State Office of Minority and Women Business Assistance). This site provides links to information ranging from the private sector, to federal government, the state, and local assistance programs. When you register with the site you can receive updates on financial assistance and access to technical assistance as well. Registration is free.

Money, in the form of grants and credit, is available to women in business. Many of the loans are subprime and easy to acquire with a better than decent repayment plan. And though you won’t qualify for every grant, the odds are good you’ll qualify for a few of them.

As a final note, WomensNet and WomenOwned are two good resources for finding women business grants. In fact WomensNet is the place that offers the Amber Grant. They are worth looking at, but as with all things business related your best bet is to have a plan in place before you start your search. Knowing what specifically you want a grant for will shorten your search tremendously.

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A House Cleaning Business Might Be Just What You Need

We live in a busy society, full of pressures and constant demands on our time. If your home is becoming increasingly unorganized and messy, you are part of a growing group of people in need of some help. This help can come in the form of a house cleaning business that can come in and help you organize and get your house back under control. A house cleaning business provides a service to their clients which returns order to their places of rest and refuge.

What does this service provide?

A house cleaning business is designed specifically to step into a disorderly house and organize it into a showroom. Different service packages are available for people who have varied needs. If you primarily need your business papers and bills organized, you can employ a service, which specializes in this area. If your needs lean more toward cleaning, there are also services which specialize in this specific area.

How often will they come?

Men and women who are absolutely swamped with concerns outside of their home can hire a house cleaning business to come in, anywhere from one time a month to everyday, to organize your daily affairs and provide your residence with the maintenance and care it needs in order to serve as a comfortable refuge for you. Basically, cleaning services are very flexible and can come to your home as often or as rarely as you desire. Services are generally offered to clients as package deals, so it is wise to ask your potential cleaning service about all the different packages that may be available to you.

How will they know what to do?

It is important when hiring a house cleaning business, to make your expectations very clear. Some clients like to write out an extensive list of things to organize and clean. Others prefer to entrust the job to the service entirely, and simply make comments or suggestions as they go. If you are paying a company to provide you with a service, it is imperative that you are satisfied with the result. Communication is key and cleaning services are generally very good at working with their clients in order to meet their specific needs.

How much will it cost?

The modern day demand for cleaning services is so vast and varied, that a good service can be hired at virtually any price. Clients desiring continual specialized services like silver polishing and rug shampooing can expect to pay a higher rate than a client who desires only the basics of simple straightening, vacuuming and general tidying up. In addition, there are several high-end cleaning services available, which can provide you with a service person that is assigned specifically to you, who can learn your specific requirements and give your home the special attention you desire.

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Creating a Carwash Business Plan

When creating your own carwash business plan you must first take in account what type of services your business will be performing. For most carwash businesses this will include deciding from one or more of the following:

  • Exterior car washing
  • Interior cleaning
  • Car detailing (exterior and interior)

Next, identify your competition in the area that you wish to start your business. If there are multiple car washes in the same area, you should look into an area that is still heavily populated, but has few or no car washing businesses already there. You will have to determine how many employees you will require to run your business efficiently. Your customer base should include individual car owners, local car dealerships, and other local businesses that have fleet vehicles. If you are in a high car dealership area your car wash business may see much more profits because most dealerships like to keep their car lot vehicles clean in order to sell them, as well as having them detailed after a sell. Location is everything when picking a site to construct your carwash.

The next step in your business plan should be to develop your objectives and your mission. This will keep your business on track and to not veer off in another directions before you even get started. Your starting objectives may contain the following:

  1. To be a premium car wash and detail service in you area.
  2. Maintain a gross profit margin of over X %.
  3. Maintain a net profit margin of X %.
  4. Expand to X# of locations after X year of operation.

The mission of your carwash business plan is to provide affordable, quality washing and detail service for all car owners in your area. Your business will work to keep employees satisfied and maintain a safe and comfortable work environment to promote acceptable customer service.
Your car wash business will provide three services to its customers:

  • Car washing (exterior)
  • Car cleaning (interior)
  • Car detailing (exterior and interior)

It will be up to you to determine if you will offer services that car owners can do by themselves, such as do it yourself washing and vacuuming. You may also find it beneficial to sell items such as carwash towels, mittens, waxes and polishes, and interior dress up items. The types of machines you purchase will depend on how much money you are going to invest in your car wash. Your car wash business plan should include the types of machines (touch-less car wash, manual spray stations, vacuuming systems etc.) that you will have on your property, as well as how many of them. You may have to start with a small amount of machines, and invest in more later as you determine what types of machines are making the most profits.

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Pet Grooming Business Plan

If you believe you would enjoy both owning your own business and working with animals, perhaps a career in pet grooming is right for you. As many of us already know, pet grooming businesses undertake much more in a day than simply bathing dogs and cats. In fact, a typical day at a pet grooming business may include nail trimming, ear cleaning, brushing teeth and styling an animal’s coat in order to look stylish or for summer months. And grooming animals can also take place in either your traditional business setting, at your home or you may decide to start a mobile grooming company. You should begin researching local dog grooming schools and pick the one which fits in with your needs the best. And if it is possible, find a school offering grooming business management instruction as well. You should also realize that there is no certification required to open a pet grooming company.

As you are in training classes at a dog grooming school, you should start a pet grooming business plan. Some business costs to think about when forming your business plan are license fees, training, equipment and insurance. Having a pet grooming business plan will also make it easier when trying to secure a loan with which to start you business. And since this particular industry is expected to grow 10% over a five-year period of time, it only makes sense that your business will experience this amount of growth, too. With this good fortune comes office work, paper work etc.

If you have no prior pet grooming business experience, determining prices can at times be difficult. However, if you make a couple of calls to local pet grooming companies or individual groomers, they should be able to provide you with services you need to provide and the fees related to them. You may decide to groom other animals or pets besides cats and dogs. That is something you need to consider when writing your pet grooming business plan.

And seeing as how businesses are all about clients, you need to come up with a clientele list. Since your business may not be open for business yet, you need to market yourself within your community. Placing flyers at animal shelters, pet stores and vet offices can be quite effective. So can creating press releases for both your local radio station and newspapers. Perhaps you could provide your grooming services pro bono for a local animal shelter in your area because, if they are impressed with your work, they could then refer customers to you.

In order to keep abreast of new grooming trends you need to attend conventions, industry expositions and cat and dogs shows. Having subscriptions to pet grooming industry publications and checking the web on a regular basis helps too. Websites like provide you with grooming business start up tips and calendars of pertinent events.

There is a whole host of ways to get into the pet grooming industry. You must have a strong pet grooming business plan first though. Then, you may want to buy a franchise in order to have instant name brand recognition. Be sure to check with local government officials to find out about licensure, zoning or insurance needed to operate your business. These are very important questions to answer and may determine whether your pet grooming business fails or succeeds.

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Buy N Sell – History of Franchises

The term franchise was already employed in the Middle Ages, referring to authorizations or privileges as sovereign granted in favor of any citizen in relation to certain commercial activities, or fishing and exploitation of forest resources. The origin of the word franchise, is from the term “franc,” during the Middle Ages it was implemented as proposed above; in fact the first document reflecting the granting of a franchise is dated in March 1232, and was awarded in French locality of Chambey.

Franchising is a strategic business model that allows the use and transfer of technology in production and marketing of goods and services, besides simplifying access to the consumer branded products recognized at affordable prices, to develop and expand successful businesses in global markets.

In recent years, franchises in its various forms have stimulated the growth of world economy; its successful transformation process has become modest businesses in large-scale organizations that benefit from the know-how in standardized production processes, quality and service.

Because the “franchise” as a form of conservancy, steadily and increasingly have the increased presence in everyday activities we do (for example, we can eat “KFC,” enjoy a hamburger in “Bemba,” buy clothes in “BENETTON’S” or ask for a pizza at home to “Domino’s”) which is something natural in our activities, is no less true that they all represent and express widely known franchises operating in the world, and are a small show that extent and scope of the commercial formula that is its realization.

The model franchise for business development is consistent with government policies, aimed at promoting innovative projects that help create new job opportunities, bring new technologies and offer the national consumer products are marketed in other countries within the processes globalization and free trade treaties.

According to estimates by the U.S. Department of Commerce, at the end of this century 50 percent of retail sales will be handled within the system of franchises.

In recent years the system of franchising businesses reached an explosive development thanks to the globalization of economic life of nations aimed at increasing openness in this process of transformation of capitalism.

According to the administration of small businesses in the United States, franchising has several advantages over independent retailers, they are:

Reputation: It is a licensing system established and well known, the new concessionaire does not have to work to establish the reputation of the firm. The product or service being offered is already accepted by the public.

Working Capital: It costs less money to operate a business concession, because the franchisor gives the concessionaire good inventory controls and other ways to reduce costs. When necessary, the franchisor can also provide financial assistance for operating expenses.

Experience: The advice given by the franchisors offset the inexperience of the new owner.

Managerial assistance: The owner of a small independent store has to learn everything, and experienced a retailer cannot be a master in all aspects of finance, statistics, marketing and sales promotion. The best franchise companies give the dealer continued assistance in these areas.

Useful: By assuming some reasonable costs and franchise agreements on supplies, the concessionaire can usually expect a reasonable profit margin, because the business is handled with the efficiency of a chain.

Motivation: Because the franchisee and the franchisor benefit from the success of the operation, both have a vested interest in the business. Franchising is the best kept secret of the 21st Century!

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