$95 Billion and Growing

In 2003, cleaning services were worth almost $95 billion, according to the BSCAI. The association also estimated that the revenue would jump up to almost $130 billion by the end of 2008. The share of janitorial service franchises in this market is $70 billion, with an annual growth rate of 7%.
The difference between janitorial service and maid service franchises is that janitorial service franchises serve the commercial sector, including office buildings, educational areas, industrial areas, retail and healthcare centers. The numbers related to this sector can reassure any businessman considering opening a janitorial service franchise.

Janitorial service franchises require a low initial investment on your part, when compared to other business options. You will need a capital investment of around $100,000 to start your franchise. There are several cleaning services running their own janitorial business, which makes competition high. Taking up a brand’s franchise immediately lowers competition for you. All you need to do is research which companies are the top names for these services in your area.

Usually, the hourly rate janitorial services charge is around $20 to $50 per hour. The employees can be paid around $10 an hour, depending on their work and experience. The most beneficial part of starting a janitorial service business is that franchisors are willing to let you run the business from your home. The other benefits are that most companies will provide your janitors with uniforms. Having uniformed janitors speaks of professionalism on your part, and will boost your business through the brand’s reputation.

When you are contracted for janitorial work, make sure you specify exactly what services you are willing to provide within the agreed hourly rate. Employers will often try to exploit the hourly payment by expecting you to do more work in a limited time frame. You do not need to provide all the services you can offer immediately. You can start off with a few services, and later expand your business by providing additional services like drapery cleaning, parking area maintenance, furniture cleaning, etc.

Marketing is very essential when you are running any business. Before you take up a franchise, check if your employer is willing to support you financially or otherwise to market and advertise your business. Most franchisors are very willing to do so. Your advertising can include distribution of fliers in commercial areas, yellow page advertising, etc. Beyond that, it is just the quality of your work that will count, and that will help spread your business by word of mouth.

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