If you are searching for exciting home based computer businesses, look no further than your computer. There is a myriad of opportunities to be had online for anyone interested in starting a business. Some of the types available are:

1. Franchise opportunities for women- If you are a woman seeking to start home based computer businesses, you have many options available.

A. You can be a lease broker from home. This is a great way to say goodbye to commuting to work, and hello to being your own boss. The average commission for this franchise is $5,000 for each sale that you make.
B. You can own a photozine photo booth franchise. This business is very expense to start, so it is not for everyone, but the opportunities to make a lot of money are almost endless.
C. You can do non medical in home care for aging seniors. This is a great chance for anyone who likes to help people. This way, you can help and get paid at the same time. Possible commissions vary depending on state where you live, and the amount of care you are able to give.
D. You can own a Lady Of America franchise for women weight loss and exercise center. Although start up costs for this home based computer businesses are quite expensive, the potential money to be made is extraordinary.

2. Franchise opportunities for everyone-These franchises have any adult in mind, and can offer you great income potential.

A. You can own a franchise in the sign and graphics industry- the average Store gross in the U.S. is $637,000.The start up costs are high, but you can make a very good income with this choice.
B. You can have an outlet store that features ceramic and porcelain tile- you can make 100% return on investment in no time with this franchise opportunity. You are able to mark up your sales by 50%, which means you can make twice as much as what you buy the tile for.
C. You can have your own private investigation franchise, if you are so inclined. L&W is a franchise that has never before been tried. You can start without any training in the field of private investigations, as you will have a team of investigators working for you. This is a wonderful opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this exciting franchise, and make much money in the process.
D. You can own a Molly Maid franchise, which can be your outlet for your home based computer businesses start. All of the clients can be set up online, and with a popular name such as this, you are sure to make a substantial income.
E. You can own a home repair and maintenance franchise, and simply contract workers out to do the jobs that you acquire online or through other forms of advertising. There is a great potential in home repair, and being able to do most of the work on your computer, makes it all the more sweeter.

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