5 of the Best Preschool Franchises!

Are you concerned about providing a proper environment for preschool children to learn? Would you like to be involved in children’s education and run your own business as well? No one ever said you couldn’t get paid for doing something good, and being involved in children’s early education is definitely a good thing to do. If this interests you, here a 5 of the best preschool franchises available!

  1. Gymboree!
    In business for over 30 years, Gymboree has perfected the business of running children’s preschools. Their program is in 26 countries with more than 500 franchises so far. Gymboree has a full line of books and materials and everything you would need to run your own business. They are always looking for people who are concerned about children’s education and would love to talk to you about starting your own business.
  2. Kumon!
    Kumon is quickly becoming one of the best preschool franchises as a business and for their involvement in children’s education. Started by Toru Kumon in Japan over 50 years ago, it began as a way to help his own son do better in school and soon other parents were asking him to share his ideas with them. One of the unique characteristics of Kumon is the requirement that parents be equally involved with their children’s education. Kumon seeks to bring out each child’s personality and characteristics.
  3. Kiddie Academy!
    Specializing in allowing children to have fun and express their own unique personalities, Kiddie Academy strives to inspire the creativity and curiosity of each child. Particular care is given to providing a learning environment for the whole child (mentally, physically and socially). The owners of Kiddie Academy want you to succeed and will be involved with you in every aspect from financing to location, academy design and training. They are truly a partner with you in your success.
  4. Children’s Lighthouse Learning Center!
    Simply put, Children’s Lighthouse believes that learning should be fun. The business owners and managers have a combined 100 years of child care experience. They are rapidly expanding all over the country and eagerly looking for those who would like to start their own preschool. The Children’s Lighthouse Learning Center system is designed to lead you from the moment you make your decision to start your business to an in-depth training system and on into marketing and making your business profitable. It is really one of the best preschool franchises available today.
  5. CompuChild!
    Started in 1994, the founders of CompuChild desired to create a program that would give each preschooler a head start in today’s computer-driven society. The owners have created a complete comprehensive system that allows you, the Program Director to feel confident that children are learning at an acceptable pace while still preserving their childhood excitement and adventurous attitude. From the moment you contact CompuChild , you will understand they are completely committed to your success.

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