Have you ever wanted to start your own home-based business but were not sure where to start? There are many home based franchise opportunities available to you. All you have to do is decide what your budget is and what you enjoy doing. Consider whether you want to run a business with you doing the hands-on work or whether you want to run the office and hire employees to do the actual labor. Here are 5 great home based franchise opportunities to choose from.

  1. Jani-King
    Begun in 1969 by Jim Cavanaugh, a student at the University of Oklahoma, Jani-King has grown to over 10,000 franchises worldwide. As a franchisee you will be given a protected territory with an established customer base. Jani-King has perfected their marketing plan and will offer you an opportunity to be successful in your own business. Fees are decided based upon the size of the initial customer base.
  2. ServPro
    Helping customers to recover from fire, flood or other disasters, ServPro specializes in cleaning and restoring carpets, floors and HVAC systems. You can be a part of a very critical business, helping people to put their lives back together. ServPro is an industry leader, having being founded in 1967. Their headquarters is based in Gallatin, TN. and they provide a great opportunity for you to develop a successful business.
  3. Snap-On Tools
    Have you ever bought tools from that familiar Snap-On tool truck in the parking lot of your local shop or maybe you saw the truck driving down the road and wondered what it would take to run a Snap-On franchise? Well, now it’s time to find out. Snap-On offers some great benefits along with a fantastic opportunity to be your own boss. Check it out and see for yourself. They’re waiting for you.
  4. Service Master
    Service Master is the leader in the cleaning and restoration services. The familiar brand puts you miles ahead of the competition as many customers have come to rely upon their quality of service and will not call anyone else. Begun in 1947, Service Master has provided over 5 decades of great customer service. This is a company you can be proud to be a part of. Give them a call, you will be glad you did!
  5. Chem-Dry Carpet Drape and Upholstery Cleaning
    As one of the most popular home-based franchise opportunities, Chem-Dry has been taking the carpet cleaning industry by storm. It uses a new cleaning process created by its founder Robert Harris. Franchises are growing each day and the company offers great training and support. This is a real home-based business that will provide you with a successful opportunity. Franchise fees are very affordable with in-house financing available. Your business is only limited by your goals. Dare to dream big! Remember, franchising is the best kept secret of the 21st Century!

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