5 Great Daycare Center Franchise Opportunities!

With the pressing demands of the economy on families which require both parents to work, and the increasing problem of single-parent homes, it has become even more important to have safe and qualified daycare centers. Parents want to be assured that their children will be protected and placed in an environment that can be conducive to the child’s learning. It takes a special person to provide a quality daycare. If you are the type of person who would desire to start a daycare center franchise, you will find plenty of support to help you become successful. Here are 5 of the best daycare center franchise opportunities.

Sylvan Learning Franchise

Among one of the best and most well-known daycare centers is the Sylvan Learning Franchise. They have been in business for almost 30 years and have about 1200 centers throughout North America. Rated as #1 overall, Sylvan prides itself on their reputation and providing a quality environment for their children. Sylvan is very protective of their standards but are always looking for good, trustworthy individuals who desire to succeed and provide a safe, learning environment for children.

Young Rembrandts Franchise

Young Rembrandts specializes in bringing out the artistic abilities of its students. Designed as a home-based business, it does not require a huge investment of money. Young Rembrandts focuses on providing training for its franchisees in building and maintaining a business. You will be trained in everything from marketing your business to providing effective training for your children.

Tutor Time Franchise

Tutor Time is a very unique franchise. When you begin your new daycare center, you are also provided a territory that is protected. This gives you the ability to be more effective with your marketing. Tutor Time specializes in providing a tutoring atmosphere in math, science, computers and the arts. Tutor time states that you will have at least 10,000 potential students within your exclusive territory, thus providing a better success rate.

Miss Kimberly’s Day Care Center

Offering programs for infants through Pre-Kindergarten children, Miss Kimberly’s specializes in promoting children’s development in all aspects of their lives. Miss Kimberley’s provides its franchisees with protected territories and intensive training on running the business. They are in business to make you successful, and have designed a program to give you a special niche in the daycare center franchise business.

Legacy Academy for Children

Legacy Academy strives to provide an atmosphere that brings out the best in its students. Providing encouragement and a safe learning environment, Legacy Academy has designed a franchise opportunity to make you successful while seeing your children grow and thrive in your daycare center. Legacy prides itself on setting a high standard for child care.

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